Fundraising Events


Fundraising Events

The Cancer Research Foundation is so thankful for and proud of our amazing community and the fundraising events they put together. The events are inspiring, uplifting, and amazing vehicles to bring awareness of the need for cancer research and to raise funds for the research centers.

Why put together an event?
We are continuously overwhelmed by the generosity and creativity of donors. In the past, we have seen individuals organize a number of different events to raise awareness of and funds for cancer research. We encourage individuals, schools, and organizations to be aware of the need for research funding and to do their part; however, they are able. In addition to putting scientists that much closer to a cure, these actions encourage understanding, support, and overall community awareness.

How to get started?
We have partnered with FirstGiving by Panorama to provide you with the tools and resources you need to seamlessly put together an amazing event. You can customize your own fundraising page, provide quick and simple registration options for your participants and supporters, launch time sensitive campaigns with custom “countdowns” for donations, and raise awareness for your event by sharing your fundraising page easily through email and social media.

Fundraising Events

Set up fundraising events or browse some of the existing events for the Cancer Research Foundation in your community.

Make a Donation

Submit a donation online, by mail, or company matching program.

Gift Matching

Utilize company gift matching programs to increase donations.

Set up a Trust

Build a legacy by supporting cancer research in a trust or will.