Solicitation Policy

The Cancer Research Foundation is first and foremost an informational organization that raises awareness for the need for cancer research funding. The Cancer Research Foundation does conduct limited fund raising and solicitation within select states (see states listed below); however, a majority of the donations received are brought, unsolicited, to the Cancer Research Foundation by supporters, event organizers, and organizations.

The Cancer Research Foundation will NOT, at any time, solicit donations via phone calls, email campaigns, or unrequested bulk mailings nor will it hire a third party company to complete these functions on its behalf.

If a company or individual contacts you claiming to be a representative of the Cancer Research Foundation and asks you for a donation over the phone, then please know that they are NOT part of the Cancer Research Foundation and are fraudulent; please do NOT give them any personal information and report them to the authorities as appropriate.

Research is essential to ending cancer forever and without it the disease will continue to grow. Together we can find the cures needed to end the disease. Your creativity, support, and effort are always appreciated. Thank you for all that you do to make a difference.

STATES OF SOLICITATION (do not require registration)

STATES OF SOLICITATION (exempt from registration)
CALIFORNIA (CA) – Exemptions: Government agencies; religious corporations; political committees; religious organizations and hospitals; corporate trustees subject to the jurisdiction of other California state and federal agencies; any charity organized in another state that is not “doing business” or holding property in California.

LOUISIANA (LA) – Exemptions: Religious organizations, including exempt from federal income tax under IRC 501(c)(3), if not primarily supported by funds solicited outside its own membership or congregation; educational institutions recognized or approved by the Louisiana Dept. of Education; voluntary health organizations organized under Louisiana or federal law. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Only those organizations employing “professional solicitors” to raise funds in Louisiana are required to register in the state.

MISSOURI (MO) – Exemptions: Religious, educational and fraternal organizations; Hospitals, provided fundraising not done by professional fundraiser; all 501(c) 3, 501(c) 7 and 501(c)(8) organizations. A copy of the organization’s IRS tax exemption determination letter may be filed with the state to obtain exemption.